Subject: life changed, Debian affected



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Year ago I escaped my country due legal threats^1, left my established life-flow behind and fled to the USA. For whole year I had no legal right to have a (paid) job, so I had two major occupations -- legal paperwork and volunteering in Free Software, Debian in particular.


Several days ago I received legal work authorization. So, it is time to get $dayjob, pay bills and debts, and set up new life in new unfamiliar environment. I expect it to be the most complicated transition I ever had and to consume most of 168 hours a week. Hope I will have resources to fix RC bugs. I have no idea for how long.

I am looking for a job. If you want to hire me, or know somebody who may want to hire me -- please let me know.

So many things left undone, so many projects left unfinished. ^2 The biggest of my concerns is sysvinit. Init-diversity team did good job on bringing package into good shape lately, but somebody personally have to assume the lead -- take control of git and patch-flow, lead discussions to resolution and taking heat for that resolution. For some time, it was me. Thorsten Glaser, maybe it will be you who will catch the flag?