Debian discourse

Leader of GNOME foundation, Neil McGovern, proposed^1 to start replacing mailing lists with piece of web shit, called Discourse^2:


I think debian-user, debian-vote and possibly debian-project would
be better off in Discourse. I think debian-devel-announce should
stay as an email list (for now):
He isn't even shy to plainly state that the main reason for the change is censorship:

First, is moderation. Discourse has built in tools to allow
community moderation on a much better scale than our email lists.
Sure, he also don't hesitate to exploit newcomers motive:

Secondly, I genuinely believe that ease of access to new
contributors is of paramount importance to the project.
In short, Debian communication methods are to move new platform, more convenient for censorship by self-declared CoC peacemakers and more familiar for generation of clueless "programmers", who may not even know how to use command line, at expense of more experienced and skilled developers.

What the hell is going on? We don't need more of clueless, soft-skin pseudo-programmers, who are going to cry every time they are pointed at who they are. On opposite, we need more of harsh trials, by fire, by manpage, by SIGSEGV, by mail client. Community of those who pass these trials -- hardened, determined, reasonable adult hackers -- is not going to need code of conduct and its peacekeepers.

Nothing can be done now. Decay of Debian passed point of no return. I have nothing to do with Debian today, yet somewhy it hurts badly.