Descending into the unknown (part 0)

I noticed that as I grew older and more experienced, my mind became less flexible, making even considering alternative approaches hard. It wasn't a problem before the destruction of the Debian, though.


In Debian I wasn't doing anything fancy most of the time. I was just doing necessary maintenance, and I was quite happy with it. I served a higher purpose -- preserving the Unix culture.

It is long overdue for me to find a new purpose, yet I struggle. Every time I consider contributing to some project, I can't overcome disdain to modern web-based workflows and fear that this project may share the fate of Debian, and every time I consider learning something new, I do not feel doing so, since what cause it would allow me to advance?

Last year and half, since 2019-12-28 my only source of inspiration was my $dayjob. That can't be right.

I recall time when I just discovered programming. I was reading documentation for almost anything I can find. Useful things, like m4,

glibc or vim. Useless things, like libgif or libjpeg. Harmful things, like nodejs. Knowledge for the sake of knowledge.

I wanted at least a glimpse of that passion today, so I fetched my ancient ASUS Eee PC, installed FreeBSD on it and now I am trying to get myself comfortable.

Linux wouldn't cut it, since it would take me just a couple of hours to domesticate any GNU/Linux distribution, or one teabreak, if I install Nix and build my home derivation. I needed something significantly different.

Choice of FreeBSD over other Unix flavors was absolutely arbitrary. They journey begins.