Into the unknown (part 1)

Welcome to the tty. It is called vt(4), but it does not matter.
Package manager is called "pkg". Fine. Now I need some basic things.

Git. Found. In kitchen sink configuration, with support of svn, cvs
and all other useless things. I will deal with that later. Why
"git add -p" is so slow?

Editor. By default there is only "vi", not "vim". It does not support
"gq" and "gg" command and has no syntax highlighting. I'll try to get
used to it. This is SPARTA!

Terminal multiplexer. I want one. Switching between consoles via
Ctrl-Alt-F* is too inconvenient. Dvtm. Found. For some reason
packages it does not contain terminfo. Broken. Inhibit desire to
fix. Tmux. Found. How to change prefix to C-a? Found. Will do.

Web browser. W3m. Found. Surfraw. Removed from ports, broken for more
than 6 months. What?! How set of simple shell scripts can be broken?
Whatever, can live without for now.

Gemini browser. diohsc? Missing, and building Haskell stuff from the source
on this laptop would take ages. Okay, gmni will do. Missing too? Sigh. Okay,
I can build from the source, I guess. Bearssl in dependencies? Found in ports.
Quite decent.

I need my keys. Okay, passphrase2pgp not in ports, golang is. Good enough,
golang compiles fast.

Posix shell. Both mksh and bash in ports. Good.

I still need to setup IRC and email, but I am more or less comfortable:
I can browse Internet and have C compiler and C manpages.