My other online accounts

My primary nickname is `KAction`, which dates back to age when I believed that
KDE -- huge, bloated and buggy mess of C++ code -- is cool. Now it is just a
handle I am used to.

The main reason I have account on Github is to make pull requests to projects
that have elaborate workflow, tied to Github, like Stackage or Nixpkgs. I hate it, but sometimes I really need patch applied upstream.

In theory, Gitlab is better then Github -- it is mostly Free Software. In
practice, there is little difference -- same awkward interface, tailored to
button smashing, with scripting and console interfaces supported as
afterthought, if at all. Still, after Debian Alioth was decomissioned, I needed new home to my project, so for some time I used GitLab, until...

I found SourceHut. It's API is nice and simple, it includes CI system and, what
is dealbreaker, mailing lists service.

Sometimes I use StackOverflow -- exclusively to ask, not to answer. In some cases, Sometimes it helps, but often it does not. Most of its content is something that you can easily look up in documentation.

Telegram messenger. I check it at least once a week, often more.

There is my old website, but I lost access to it during events related to
criminal charges and Tor exit node.