Here is unordered list of blogs, articles and pages in general that I found worth reading. It does not mean that I approve or agree everything posted by these authors, just that I found it interesting.


Blog of Ali Grudi, author of fbpdf.

Blog of Chris Wellons, author of enchive, with interesting musing on emacs and gpg.

Diary of man, looking to change his habits to improve his productivity. Interesting articles, terrible web-design. Open in lynx(1).

Bash programming wiki. Not that you should program in bash, but sometimes you are forced (e.g. Nix, Gentoo).

Blog of Natasha Layla Marchant, with convincing critics of FSF work and good article on why javascript should die.

Github-book about internals of linux kernel

Unicode in any control data -- urls, usernames, domain names -- is severe and dangerous mistake.

Individual articles

Series of articles, evaluating different, free and proprietary, software to what degree it is spyware.

Nice article about behaviour of different file systems on crashes

Brilliant article "Web Obesity"[^7]

Your Big data is not big, by Adam Drake

Ingenious observation that "chmod 555 ~" can prevent poorly-written software from polluting home directory.


Weather forecast with curl. It is awesome.

A curated list of awesome command-line frameworks, toolkits, guides and gizmos. It has much better signal/noise rate than random web search.