Tragedy in Debian, my tragedy

The latest General Resolution in Debian is over. Systemd is officially the only supported init system, everything else is "exploring alternatives". I already wrote^1, why in fact it means lack of any (sane) alternative.


Debian betrayed its own heritage, betrayed Unix spirit, and gave in to siren song of oblivious nemesis -- Red Hat company. Debian decided to welcome clueless and banish hackerdom.

I should have seen it coming. It started five years ago, when systemd became default init system, but resolution of techinical comitete gave hope. And I gladly swallowed it, since it was the only hope.

Debian has favored GitLab because of its clicky-clicky interface, because it is so nice to those who did not bothered to learn git. Nobody cares that it is inconvenient for those who did, right^2?


Debian adopted "code of conduct" and created "community team". Not that they are harmful by themself, but they are bad signs.

I should have seen it coming, but year ago I sat behind my computer, days and night, triaging bugs in src:sysvinit. I thought that if I resolve them all... Lesson learned: techincal merits and software design means nothing compared to marketing, even if decision makers are developers. Debian Developers.

Maybe it is yet another mistake, but I today I choose not to learn who exactly did that. I am afraid of learning that all those nice folks, with whom I worked and who supported me during my hard times AFK, are those who did hold the hammer devastated Debian. I am not ready for this knowledge.

For long time Debian was my home and my identification, but no longer. I quit. Who am I now? I am yet to discover.

I thank Init Diversity Team, and specially Lorenzo Puliti. Live long and prosper.