I try to avoid pronoun "we" in my speach, since every time I say "we do" it means "according to my biased and distorted perception". Still, it feels natural for me to say "we" about these communities and ideas.

* Free Software. The very idea of free software -- user having control its own physical property -- computer -- is obliviously sound, but using exclusively free software in age of mobile devices is close to impossible. Still, I strongly favor free software for any task at hand. Damned Javascript.


* Privacy. Privacy is important. For some time I did my best to anonymous and not have network identity. Unfortunately, this closed-world assumption did not work well for me. Too few of us remember, that the main and the only true communication method is email. But I still reject all those proprietary message programs, browse over Tor, block tracking and use different browsers for different websites and do my best to share as little of my private information as possible.

* Human rights. I think any reasonable man would agree, that freedom of speach, freedom to travel, right for legal defence and all other fine things to be found in Constitution of any state is good thing. Unfortunately, many fail to understand, that "interests of national security" means "human rights violation for no particular reason".

* Esperanto. I would not say I do much for movement, but I do speak esperanto, take part in events and do my best to convey thought, that there is still no international general-purpose language. English is fine between us, programmers, but by no means is general-purpose.

* Vegetarianism. There are many reasons why people do not eat meat: religious, medical, personal preferences. My reason is ethical. Current state of ethics consider the life of ultimate value, and I can’t agree more. Well, life of human being, but can you prove that life of any human being is more valuable then life of, let’s say, a cow?... As such, I do not permit meat in my home.

* Atheism. The very idea that there is something above laws of physics is harmful; existence of religions is unfortunate side effect of human evolution.

* Minimalism. I dislike photos, toys, souvenirs, pictures and other. I dislike bloated software. I try to not get emotionally attached to any physical object.


* I have been spending major part of my free time working on Debian
GNU/Linux distribution from mid-2014 until 27 Dec 2019